Sidewalk Driver @ The Sinclair 2.23.2014

As I watch Sidewalk Driver mesmerize a sold out Rock-n-Romp crowd at The Sinclair, I can’t help but wonder how many people are seeing this wonderful gift of a band for the first time and think that the parachute, bedazzling, face projector, confetti and sheer musical joy were concocted just for this event. Is this real? It is, and now my boys have witnessed what was once inaccessible to an audience that is in bed before the first band typically hits the stage. Thank you Rock-n-Romp. Thank you Daykamp Creative for making Sidewalk Driver at Rock-n-Romp a reality. Thank you Sidewalk Driver for being you.

Airport @ The Sinclair 2.23.2014

Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative has been designing some amazing posters for Rock-n-Romp Boston since the event’s re-launch back in October. When she was tapped to curate the February edition of this family friendly rock show, it was no surprise that she called upon a band that gets a lot of play in the Daykamp Empire offices. Airport opened the show with their perfect mix of pop, rock, twang and ’70s AM radio nostalgia.

Parks @ The Sinclair 1.25.2014

Hey, Parks! We need to talk. Remember, during the snowstorm, when you played “Holiday Road” and it was stuck in my head for weeks? Well, I just got it out and you go and play it again? At least I’ve got “Sweater Weather” and “Modern Fiction” in there, too. Anyway, it looks like the good word about Rock-n-Romp is getting out. January’s edition sold out, with Parks dispensing musical earworms to the crowd of all ages.