Ringtail – “Birdwatcher” (2016)

Ringtail - Birdwatcher

OK. Ringtail officially have my attention. Mid-tempo but never dull, their latest single mines vintage indie and classic rock territory. “Birdwatcher” feels like a long lost 120 Minutes gem from the mid-nineties dressed up with some Big Star sensibilities. Is that weird? Maybe, but it works. I’m eager to hear what these guys get up to next.

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Ringtail – “Mask Of Bees” (2015)

Ringtail Mask Of Bees
“Mask Of Bees”

Frenetic drumming, staccato guitar rhythms and a rippin’ guitar solo make for a spirited first single from Ringtail. There are shades of Mission of Burma on this post-punk nugget. The band balances the biting bits with and reigned-in verses and tastefully chosen effects. “Mask Of Bees” is a promising debut.

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