I, Pistol as Nirvana @ Church 10.27.2012

Bands pretending to be other bands: Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes uncanny. Throw I, Pistol covering Nirvana in the third bucket.

I had a feeling this would be pretty good. I had never seen I, Pistol before, but I seem to recall Rick Taylor doing a Nirvana cover with Walk Of Shame when he participated in One Night Band.* I was not let down. These guys stuck mostly** to songs from Nevermind, Bleach and Incesticide. They obviously love the material and they delivered it convincingly. This was a pretty cool way to kick off the night.

* Dave Stoops did One Night Band the following year with Lesbian Frankenstein.

** Entirely? I can’t recall. I didn’t realize there would be a quiz. Back off.

The Dirty Truckers @ Moe’s Lounge 10.12.2012

Hot, loud, sweaty and a little rambunctious could describe just about any Dirty Truckers gig. Confining the band and their cohorts to Moe’s Lounge made it inevitable at Bands For Babs.

The Bedss @ The Middle East Downstairs 9.24.2011

File this one under: But wait, there’s more!

Just when you thought One Night Band 3 had come to an end, Ashley Willard* came out to inform us there was one more act. Get ready for “Cum On Feel The Noize”** as performed by The Bedss, One Night Band class of 2010. Well, most of The Bedss. And some other folks. A whole stage full of One Night Banders. Some of them may have been drinking.

* VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Ashley Willard, Richard Bouchard and the whole crew at Boston Band Crush did an amazing job putting this thing together and raising $2,700 for Zumix. If I was wearing Richard Bouchard’s hat I would tip it to them all.

** I think. This is open to interpretation.

Walk Of Shame @ The Middle East Downstairs 9.24.2011

Let’s start with the band name. Walk Of Shame. Has there ever been a more fitting name for a One Night Band?

I got to take the band’s official promo photo. I had high hopes for this group. Al Polk, A.J. Locke, Ben Morse, Mike Connolly and Rick Taylor were so relaxed and excited to be taking part in the event.  I was not disappointed. Walk of Shame had a solid performance with just the right amount of crazy.

I don’t know if I should stay or go.

You’re gone now, Walk Of Shame, but feel free to come back and visit any time.

Meet Four of Boston’s Newest Bands!

This morning I had the pleasure of shooting the first promo shots of four of Boston’s newest bands.

One Night Band 3 is happening TONIGHT! Get yourselves down to The Middle East Downstairs to catch all the crazy action. Not sure what One Night Band is? Check out this here link for the lowdown. As part of the day’s festivities, the bands had to get a promo shot taken before they could embark on their musical journey. I handled four of the bands, Joshua Pickering took the other four (you can see all of the pictures here).

This morning was a blast. Tonight should be tons of fun. All of the proceeds go to Zumix, a very worthy cause indeed. C’mon down!

Walk Of Shame
Walk Of Shame

Golden Owl
Golden Owl

Flying Blue Squirrels
Flying Blue Squirrels