Butterknife @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 5.29.2014

On The Town With Mikey Dee just celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary with a fantastic show at TT’s. If you’re not familiar with who Mikey Dee was and why this radio show carries his name and why he was so important to the Boston music scene and why everyone who ever met him loved him and misses him, I humbly suggest you go read up about the history of the man and the show here.

Butterknife got the celebration started with their punchy indie rock tunes.

Donkeypunch Junior @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 10.10.2013

Davina Yannetty and Phil Wisdom (Butterknife) have performed together before. We’ve also seen Davina jump up on stage with Dave Mirabella and fill in with his band (The Rationales). So when we were putting together The Daykamp Poster & Photo Show at TT’s, we came up with the crazy idea to cram these three friends together into a singularity* of harmonic songcraft. It worked! Donkeypunch Junior was born. It was cool to hear these musicians interpret each other’s songs with this ad hoc trio. They even busted out some Traveling Wilburys. What a great way to start a night.

* There’s a 7 year old in our house obsessed with black holes.

Announcing The Daykamp Poster & Photo Shows!


We’re putting on a a couple of shows with rock bands, photos and posters at TT’s in October! It’s going to be more awesome than we can put into words. That’s why we had Richard Bouchard do it for us! Here’s a special guest post from the Indie Rock Ranger with the details…

When I was first hired to do booking at TT the Bear’s Place, one of the first things I wanted to do was set up a show with Nicole and Johnny Anguish of Daykamp Creative and Daykamp Music, respectively. I’ve been hiring Nicole to create show posters since back in the Boston Band Crush days, usually giving her no guidance other than the list of bands and the date of the show. She always delivers an incredibly eye-catching, colorful design that doesn’t just provide information; it’s something I want to hang on my wall forever. Then there’s Johnny, always front and center for a rock show before posting amazing photo recaps on his Daykamp Music website. They tirelessly support the music community here, and knowing that I wasn’t the only one to feel that way, I felt that it was high time they present a show. Not just any show, mind you, I wanted them to pick the bands – artists they’ve worked with over the years and bands they’re longtime fans of – but I also wanted to display their work in the club for everyone to see. After some brief discussion, Nicole emailed me back: “We’re thinking we need to do two nights…”
Here’s what they came up with:

Thursday 10/10
(Tickets | Facebook Event)

Friday 10/18
(Tickets | Facebook Event)

Two night pass: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3781134

Posters and photos from the Daykamp empire will be on display for the entire week between shows.

– Richard Bouchard


Davina Yannetty & Phil Wisdom @ Radio 10.13.2012

After camping out at Radio for the two night Bands For Babs benefit, we made it back to our home away from home just in time to catch the very end of Davina and Phil’s set to open the club’s first anniversary show. I’m a huge fan of both Davina Yannetty and Phil Wisdom on their own. The fact that they enjoy doing sets together is A-ok in my book.

Phil Wisdom @ Moe’s Lounge 9.15.2012

Let’s get one thing clear: Phil Wisdom is dreamy.* It’s not just his dashing good looks, either. The dude has a masterful way with a pop hook. Swoon

* I know I’m right about this because Davina Yannetty agrees with me and she’s always right.