Orangutang @ The Middle East Downstairs 10.4.2014

Orangutang. ORANGUTANG. When I first started going to a lot of shows around town, Trona, Cherry 2000 and Jack Drag were three of my absolute favorites. Learning that some of these guys had played in a band together blew my mind a bit. I immediately tracked down a copy of Dead Sailor Acid Blues. I loved it. “Bigger Chunk” landed on all of my mix CDs. Despite becoming a huge fan of their recorded work, the thought of a reunion show never crossed my mind. Thankfully, Bob Dubrow is smarter* than I am.

Orangutang reunited for the Pipeline! at 25 celebration and it was amazing.

* Crazier? More ambitious?

It’s Monday. Watch a video or 522.

It’s Monday. You’re dragging from the weekend. You need to kill some time before time kills you. Have no fear. Daykamp Music TV has you covered. Why not watch a video or 522? That’s right, we’ve now got 522 videos in our video player. Five hundred and twenty-two. You can watch today’s Video of the Day. It’s the new one from Aloud, who have their record release at The Middle East Upstairs on Friday night. Or check out this very important video from The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library. Or the fun new one from Fat Creeps. Or an oldie from O Positive or Orangutang. It’s all in there. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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