AjDIO @ O’Brien’s Pub 10.28.2015

Tackling the works of Ronnie James Dio should not be taken lightly. AjDIO is clearly invested in doing the legend justice. Ajda the Turkish Queen’s vocals were front and center, but it was her uncanny knack for RJD’s mannerisms that turned the set into performance art. The band was locked in. The guitar tones were spot on. On top of that, the whole night was put together to raise money for Girls Rock Campaign Boston. What’s not to love here?

Magen Tracy @ O’Brien’s Pub 7.11.2014

I’ve seen Magen Tracy perform with Parlour Bells, Nate Leavitt, OldJack, St. Helena, Brendan Boogie, The Phil Aiken Army, The Sheila Divine and Bright Lights, Big Rod.* Friday night was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing her perform her own songs. Accompanied by Nate Leavitt on guitar or alone with her piano, Magen delivered powerful vocals, dynamic melodies and mature arrangements. I like where this is headed.

* Oh, man. I just got all nostalgic for the MixTape shows.

Dan Nicklin @ O’Brien’s Pub 7.11.2014

There was a typical early show bustle at O’Brien’s as Dan Nicklin strummed his first few chords. A moment later the crowd would be silent. Dan’s voice commanded and received the undivided attention of the crowd from the moment he began to sing.