Ad Frank And The Fast Easy Women @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 7.22.2015

While I would see one more band before this beloved institution turned the lights out for the final time, Ad Frank And The Fast Easy Women would be my true goodbye to T.T. The Bear’s Place. I will forever link Ad Frank and TT’s in my mind. The first photo I ever had published was of Ad Frank on that stage. The Fast Easy Women’s farewell show was one of my all time favorite musical experiences. He was there when I first started started seeing bands play in front of that mural. He’s was there at the end. Goodnight, TT’s.

The Russians @ Precinct 11.16.2012

It was early in the night when The Russians rolled into Precinct as part of the International Pop Overthrow. The crowd surrendered unconditionally.

The Russians @ Radio 2.10.2012

I said most of what I needed to say about The Russians in my recent love letter to the band. Friday night the band rocked a little and rolled a lot. Man, do I love these guys…

The Russians @ The Middle East Upstairs 12.1.2011

After catching Sidewalk Driver opening for The B-52s* at the House Of Blues, I rushed over to the Kenmore Square T stop in an effort to get to The Middle East in time to catch The Russians. You’d be hard pressed to find a band in town with better songs than Scott Janovitz and his cohorts. It had been a long time since I’d had a chance to catch one of their sets. I needed a fix.

I walked into the Middle East Upstairs during the band’s second song. It was dark. Really dark. A couple of those fake candles they put on the tables in restaurants would have provided more light than the club’s red stage lights. It fit the music, I suppose. The songs came off a little darker and heavier tonight. “Not So Loud” packed a particular punch. The Russians covering Elliott’s Smith’s “Bottle Up And Explode” is certainly something I wouldn’t mind hearing more often. The band even debuted a new song, which is the best thing Scott Janovitz has ever written. At least I hope so. He threatened to break up the band if it wasn’t. So, it was. This world needs The Russians.

* Bikini Whale was better.