Corvette Somerville @ The Rosebud Bar 9.10.2011

The hot one is coming!

The MixTape series has a history of turning out one-off groups. Corvette Somerville is one such band. This band was as tricked out as the vehicle in the movie they punned their name from.

Oh yeah, any event that ends with Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” is OK by me.*

* Like my wedding.

Thick As Thieves @ The Rosebud Bar 9.10.2011

Cheap Trick, Player, The Who, Gerry Rafferty… Thick As Thieves present the hits of 1978!

Oh, the fun that is the MixTape series. These guys covered a wide range of ’70s styles with a little help from Oranjuly’s Brian King. The hits just kept on coming. For a rousing rendition of the Toto classic, “Hold The Line”, the band was joined by, you guessed it, Davina Yannetty

Davina Yannetty @ The Rosebud Bar 9.10.2011

Davina Yannetty was all over MixTape 1978. You may have just seen her jump up on stage with Nate Rogers to sing some harmony vocals. You may yet see her spontaneously join Thick As Thieves for a killer rendition of Toto’s “Hold The Line”.  For now, here she is performing solo with her ukulele (and wah-wah pedal), you know, except for when she was joined by Josh Pickering on “Stayin’ Alive”. It’s all so complicated.

Hey! Here’s a little thing I learned from Davina Yannetty at MixTape 1978: You can do an amazing cover of “Renegade” by Styx with just vocals and ukulele.*

* Well, I don’t know if you can, but Davina can.

Nate Rogers @ The Rosebud Bar 9.10.2011

Nate Rogers is the mastermind behind the Boston Band Crush MixTape series. For MixTape 1978, he decided to have a few MixTape veterans open the night with short acoustic sets.* Nate himself even got up on the newly carpeted Rosebud stage to perform Billy Joel’s “My Life” and Clapton’s “Lay Down Sally”. Davina Yanetty, another MixTape alumnus, jumped up to sing harmonies… for the entire set. She does that.

Kudos to the bearded one for putting together a fun night in the rock n’ roll time machine.

Full Disclosure: Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative did the bitchin’ poster for this show. Check it out here.

* Unfortunately I do not have any photos of the fine sets by MacKenzie and Stu of This Blue Heaven or Dave Mirabella of The Rationales. Rest assured, they were most enjoyable.