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Oh, hi! Nice to see you. It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on Daykamp Music TV. If I ever want to show my face around town again, I better use my imagination and come up with some way to tell you more about the state of our video channel. Sooo, here goes.

Look, we all get a little bit low from time to time. Sometimes we’re so low down we don’t even wanna to go to school or work. The fear is that it will send us to our graves. There’s hope! Music is our medicine! With more than 700 videos from 300 artists, Daykamp Music TV will have you ridin’ out this sweater weather until we’re all living in harmony.

OK. That’s all I’ve got for this morning. Enjoy a music video or two! Here’s today’s Video of the Day. It’s a classic from The Juliana Hatfield Three. They play The Sinclair Friday night!


There are now over 600 videos on Daykamp Music TV to help carry you to the weekend.

Let’s pretend it’s Friday and you don’t feel like working because you’re totally fried and you just need a break and hey you know what would be cool what if you could watch like 600 videos in a row wouldn’t that be awesome?

Yes. Yes it would. May I humbly suggest you head on over to Daykamp Music TV and click the play button. There you will be dazzled by over 600 videos from local artists. You shan’t be disappointed. Here are half a dozen snappy numbers to help get you to the weekend. This is a mere 1/100th of the total videos! Think of all the time you could kill on this thing…

White Dynomite - "White Dynomite"
White Dynomite – “White Dynomite”
The Color And Sound - "Graves"
The Color And Sound – “Graves”
Mean Creek - "Cool Town"
Mean Creek – “Cool Town”
Letter To Cleo - "Awake"
Letter To Cleo – “Awake”
Mellow Bravo - "Ridin"
Mellow Bravo – “Ridin”
SPF 5000 - "Make Love To Me"
SPF 5000 – “Make Love To Me”

Mellow Bravo – “Don’t You Get Lonely” (2014)

mellow bravo dont you get lonely
Mellow Bravo
“Don’t You Get Lonely”

Goshdarnit, Mellow Bravo, you’ve done it again. “Don’t You Get Lonely” is a blazed number for the ages. Fuzzed-out riffs. Octave-doubled vocals. Roiling organ. Driving bass. Drums that hit so hard you can’t help but look like a fool doing your best Jarvis impersonation. It’s all there. The kicker? Check out the killer harmonies at 2:10, right before the solo. It’s gonna be so good.

Where to get it:

Mellow Bravo @ The Middle East Downstairs 1.31.2014

As I was editing these photos I got word that Mellow Bravo guitarist Jeffery Fultz is moving to Boise, Idaho. We wish him the best, but this is a huge bummer for ‘Bravo fans. Sad face. The band will soldier on, of course, but we’ll miss Jeffrey’s riffs and showmanship. At least we’ve got some great memories of his time with the band, like Mellow Bravo’s set closing out last month’s big Indie Rock Ranger show at The Middle East Downstairs…

Oh no, what have we done? Mellow Bravo are picking the Video of the Day all week on Daykamp Music TV!

File this one under things we’ll probably regret, but we’re letting Mellow Bravo pick the Video of the Day all week on Daykamp Music TV. Why? Because they’re awesome and maybe they scare us a little bit. Hey, sometimes being scared is a good thing. Especially when the band picked “More Than A Feeling” as today’s Video of the Day.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that there’s another reason for this video takeover. You see, Mellow Bravo is playing a gigantic Indie Rock Ranger Presents show at The Middle East Downstairs with Sidewalk Driver, Goddamn Draculas, The Silks and Watts on Friday night. That’s a great bill. You should go.

Crazy good Mellow Bravo show event page

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Would you let this band pick videos for a whole week? Try to say 'no'...
Would you let this band pick videos for a whole week? Try to say ‘no’…

Mellow Bravo – “House Party” (2013)

mellow bravo - houseparty
Mellow Bravo
“House Party”

Mellow Bravo covering “Ain’t Nothin’ But a House Party”? This is some chocolate and peanut butter stuff right here. If you’ve ever seen Mellow Bravo and you’re familiar with the song then you already know what this is gonna sound like. All that’s left is to go download it. Need more incentive? All proceeds go to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan via the American Red Cross. Pony up some dough for a good cause and boogaloo!

Where to get it:

Mellow Bravo – RiPPER (2013)

mellow bravo ripper
Mellow Bravo

Oh, what’s this? Mellow Bravo have a new EP?* That’s nice. I’ll just download it and OH MY WHAT THE HOLY GEEZUMS HELL YES! THIS F’N RULES! Look, I love Mellow Bravo. Strut is a great party record with moments that hint at something more. Their self-titled album dug deep to show the world their guts. This one here, RiPPER, cuts through you like a chainsaw through brie. “Feel Like Dancin'” and “Party” are both destined to be perennial set openers. “So Pretty” is right there with the riffs, too. Mellow Bravo close out the EP with the devastating “Low Ain’t The Bottom.” They back off the gas a bit to deliver the knockout blow. RiPPER just became my favorite Mellow Bravo release. JUST GET THIS, OK?

Where to get it:

* Yes, I know it’s not brand-spankin’ new anymore. I’ve been too busy listening to this thing to write about it, OK? Back off.