Sidewalk Driver @ Oberon 5.24.2013

I’m looking around Oberon. It’s been a pretty crazy evening.* Sidewalk Driver is playing and people are dancing and singing along. Oh / you can’t help it / ’cause when you see it / you want to touch it. It’s one of the band’s newer songs. “My Face” is yet to be released, but that doesn’t stop people from getting snagged by its hook. They inevitably join in. That’s how good Sidewalk Driver is. Shut up.

Now, if only they’d put a little effort into their live shows…

* Tonight’s Bayou Bacchanalia was a fundraiser for the production of The Bacchae. If the show is anything like tonight’s festivities, it’s going to be pretty wild.

Sidewalk Driver @ Brighton Music Hall 12.14.2012

When Boston Band Crush puts on a Holiday Spectacular, Sidewalk Driver is going to be involved. That’s a given. The fact that this was the last show to be presented by the beloved music blog made their appearance all the more fitting. There was a lot of love in the room. There were inflatable unicorns in the room, too. Those poor inflatable unicorns.

Richard Bouchard was “dragged” on stage during “Dancing With Her Friends.” The joy of the moment was palpable. These are the moments we need to hold on to.