Letters To Cleo @ Paradise Rock Club 11.17.2017

I’ve seen Letters To Cleo a bunch of times. In college it seemed like every time my friend Brian came to visit they’d be playing one of the Providence clubs. He came to visit a lot. We saw some fun shows. None sounded as good as the other night when Letters To Cleo played Wholesale Meats and Fish in its entirety (and then some). Very nice.

Orangutang @ The Middle East Downstairs 10.4.2014

Orangutang. ORANGUTANG. When I first started going to a lot of shows around town, Trona, Cherry 2000 and Jack Drag were three of my absolute favorites. Learning that some of these guys had played in a band together blew my mind a bit. I immediately tracked down a copy of Dead Sailor Acid Blues. I loved it. “Bigger Chunk” landed on all of my mix CDs. Despite becoming a huge fan of their recorded work, the thought of a reunion show never crossed my mind. Thankfully, Bob Dubrow is smarter* than I am.

Orangutang reunited for the Pipeline! at 25 celebration and it was amazing.

* Crazier? More ambitious?

The Phil Aiken Army @ Radio 12.6.2012

Phil Aiken has assembled a most impressive troupe to help him deliver a fantastic set. The Phil Aiken Army effectively lodged the future-classic tune “Holiday Overload” into my brain before launching a blistering cover of “Gimme Shelter” into Somerville night.

Corin Ashley & Dave Aaronoff @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 9.20.2011

Corin Ashley and Dave Aaronoff play together quite a bit, so it was no surprise to find them closing out this bill. Watching them, I got the feeling that if they weren’t on stage at TT’s that night they very well could have been playing these songs on somebody’s couch. It’s just what they do.