Black Thai @ Radio 8.24.2012

I’m feeling a little disoriented. Black Thai are up on the Radio stage blasting through a new number. It’s a dizzying barrage of devastating riffs and manic drumming. It’s all fingers and limbs flailing about in a fret and foot-pedal frenzy. Black Thai have just raised the bar.

Black Thai @ Church 7.14.2012

Black Thai are out to move mountains. At least it feels that way when you’re in front of the stage being pummeled by one awesome riff after another.

Hey, it could be worse. You could be Jeremy Hemond’s drums.*

* Seriously, Jeremy Hemond is a beast. A couple of days after this show I learned that he was sick with flu-like symptoms the night of this performance. The dude is unstoppable.

Black Thai @ Brighton Music Hall 3.16.2012

This was my first time seeing Black Thai. I had been warned ahead of time about the pure volume that accompanies their particular brand of heavy. Truth be told, I was too distracted by their awesomeness to notice.