Honeyglazed – The Trouble With Girls (1999)

Honeyglazed trouble with girls
The Trouble With Girls

Honeyglazed were three guys and two girls. More significantly, Honeyglazed were vocals, keys and two bass guitars. They used both configurations to their advantage on The Trouble With Girls. Honeyglazed were peddlers of fuzzed-out bliss.

There are ultra-chic back and forth, harmony, and unison boy-girl vocals all over this record. “Under The Boot” and the horn-augmented “Milk And Morality” are prime examples. With Tim Catz going all out on his heavily distorted lead bass, the absence of guitars becomes a non-issue. The dual bass setup never feels like a gimmick. The unique instrumentation also leaves plenty of room for the keyboards to add to the sonic landscape.

Stand outs? “True In Tokyo” puts forth a vibe that is indescribably cool. Yes, they misspell Tokyo as T-O-Y-K-O. Yes, it’s awesome. The more atmospheric “747’s” is beautifully crafted and executed. It’s the type of song that transcends its genre and stands alone as a classic.

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