Halloween is nearly here. Watch these ten videos and be filled with fear.

Halloween is upon us. If you need help getting into the spirit of the season, maybe these spooky videos will help. Can’t get enough local videos? Head on over to Daykamp Music TV and watch over 750 of ’em. Now, please don’t leave a flaming bag of poop on my doorstep.

Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion! – “Planet Slime”

The Longwalls – “Zombies!”

Endation – “Staab”

Darling Pet Munkee – “Genuine Soil From Dracula’s Castle”

The Lady Comes First – “The Last Temptation of Shoney Lamar”

The TeleVibes – “DMT”

Moe Pope and Rain – “Annie Mulz”

Vary Lumar – “Murderer”

Gozu – “Bald Bull”

Walter Sickert And The Army Of Broken Toys – “The Sharp Mouth and the Toilet Vampire”

Gozu – The Fury Of A Patient Man (2013)

gozu fury patient man
The Fury Of A Patient Man

What do you call a record with walls of solid riffs built on a foundation of heavy sludge? If you’re Gozu, you call it The Fury Of A Patient Man and you adorn it with memorable melodies, hand-claps, falsetto backing vocals and harmonies of the vocal and guitar variety. This is an album full of hooks and humor that never loses sight of the fact that its sole purpose on this planet it to melt your face via your ear canals. From the killer opening riff of “Bald Bull” to the closing, distorted gasps of “The Ceaseless Thunder Of Surf”, the guys in Gozu show off their many and varied ways to pull off said face-melting. Sometimes they do it with a soulful vocal (“Ghost Wipe”, “Snake Plissken”). Other times they hit you with majestic guitar lines (“Traci Lords”) or thrashtastic runs (“Charles Bronson Pinchot”). No matter their choice in auditory facial liquefaction tools, Gozu always get the job done.

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