It’s Monday. Watch a video or 522.

It’s Monday. You’re dragging from the weekend. You need to kill some time before time kills you. Have no fear. Daykamp Music TV has you covered. Why not watch a video or 522? That’s right, we’ve now got 522 videos in our video player. Five hundred and twenty-two. You can watch today’s Video of the Day. It’s the new one from Aloud, who have their record release at The Middle East Upstairs on Friday night. Or check out this very important video from The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library. Or the fun new one from Fat Creeps. Or an oldie from O Positive or Orangutang. It’s all in there. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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Fat Creeps – Fat Creeps EP (2013)

Fat Creeps
Fat Creeps EP

Hey, remember this awesome Fat Creeps EP? Well, it’s now available on 10″ vinyl. Kids Like You & Me launched KLYAM Records a few months ago. Their first order of business was to press up some copies of last summer’s amazing Fat Creeps EP. Bravo, I say. It’s worth it. I’ve written about how much I love these songs in the past. Now I can hold them. Let’s look at another pretty picture of the record:


The vinyl itself is pretty sweet. I’m a fan of the 10″ format. It’s available in white or Coke bottle clear with a full color sleeve. I snagged the white. It was a really hard decision. Now the band is on hiatus and I’m sad. I should have gotten both…

Where to get it:

If vinyl ain’t your thing, I highly recommend picking up the digital bits.


More bands. More videos. It’s summertime on Daykamp Music TV.

For anyone keeping track at home, Daykamp Music TV now features more than 300 videos from over 150 bands. Videos like the new trippy beach clip from Art Decade and this summertime feel-gooder from Fat Creeps. Speaking of summer, we’ve got “Summer” by Buffalo Tom in there, too! Maybe surfing is your thing. Or ridin’ your bike. Or skateboarding. Whether you’re into bikinis or gorilla suits, there’s a video for everyone on Daykamp Music TV. So, find a nice air conditioned place to chill and check out some music.


Fat Creeps @ Precinct 8.17.2012

Fat Creeps buzzed their way through another set at Precinct with snappy beats and lyrical wit. Dig it.

Fat Creeps – Fat Creeps EP (2012)

Fat Creeps
Fat Creeps EP

It’s no secret that I’ve been on a Fat Creeps bender lately. I’m hooked on the noise-pop they’re peddling. The band’s new EP makes me feel a little better about my addiction. It’s the good stuff. How good? I forget that I can’t stop listening to it even if I tried. This thing has been looping from the fiery “Secrets” through the haunting “700 Parts” from the moment I downloaded it. I dig the surf-tinged intro to the cautionary “Fooled.” I can’t get enough of the growing tension in “Horoscope.” “Cherry”, with its snappy beat and trippy pool party video, is the feel-weird hit of the summer. “Leave Her Alone” has intriguing harmonies and some perfectly placed tremolo bar action. So what if I can’t kick this habit? When it sounds this good, why would I try?

Where to get it: