Eddie Japan @ Great Scott 8.31.2013

This is Eddie Japan, one of the finest bands in the land. They write incredibly nuanced pop songs about the human condition. Their performances are inspired. Most importantly, they managed to fit eight people on the stage at Great Scott. OK, that’s not really the most important thing, but it is impressive.

P.S. – Eddie Japan is playing The Daykamp Poster & Photo Show Night #1 at TT’s in October. You should definitely check that out.

OldJack @ The Sinclair 12.15.2012

OldJack was a fine-tuned rock ‘n’ soul machine at The Sinclair. Saint Nicklin & Co. deftly rolled one song into the next, culminating with the pair of holiday numbers they recently made available. Let’s hope the Holiday Homage becomes an annual tradition.

OldJack @ Radio 10.13.2012

If you’re looking for the tipping point of the One Year Of Radio show where the event went from dignified celebration to rock ‘n’ roll debauchery, look no further than OldJack’s set. There would be plenty of time for things to get really out of hand, but this band of merrymakers certainly played a role in the decline of local civilization. They brought the songs. They brought the show. OldJack helped us find our way to the place we knew we had to go.