Airport @ Lizard Lounge 11.22.2014

Dear Airport,

Please release your new EP soon. I’ve had “Doot-Doo-Doo”* in my head since Saturday and would very much like a recorded version I could listen to. Thanks for your consideration.

-Daykamp Music

*I’m not even going to pretend that I got the name of that song right.

Airport @ The Sinclair 2.23.2014

Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative has been designing some amazing posters for Rock-n-Romp Boston since the event’s re-launch back in October. When she was tapped to curate the February edition of this family friendly rock show, it was no surprise that she called upon a band that gets a lot of play in the Daykamp Empire offices. Airport opened the show with their perfect mix of pop, rock, twang and ’70s AM radio nostalgia.

Jenny Dee & Several Men Of Mystery – Jenny Dee & Several Men Of Mystery (2013)

jennt dee several men of mystery
Jenny Dee & Several Men Of Mystery
Jenny Dee & Several Men Of Mystery

Three country tunes from Jenny Dee and some of her very talented friends?* Yes, please. Opening track “You Had It All” is a duet with Roy Sludge. I’m pretty sure I knew this one was going to be great before I even heard it.** “Never” has suitably weary and worn backing vocals from Bill Janovitz and Chris Toppin. It’s always a treat when those two team up. Also, I’m a sucker for a weepy lapsteel. The EP closes with Jenny Dee & Several Men Of Mystery tearing it up on “Looking For Clues.” Jenny notes that this song is a reworked tune from her gig with The Downbeat Five. Given the song’s fiery nature, it’s certainly not hard to believe. The band really cuts loose here. Sometimes sad songs can make you happy.

Where to get it:

* Duke Levine, Bill Janovitz, Chris Toppin, Ed Valauskas, Tom Arey, Roy Sludge, Matt Pynn, and Ben Zecker? Good, Lord. Even Eric Salt gets in on the action, playing the tambourine on “Looking For Clues.”

** It is.

Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents @ Radio 10.11.2012

There was plenty of heart at Bands For Babs. The bands, raffle donors, the fine folks at Radio and everyone who came out to the shows made sure of that. On Thursday night, Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents brought the soul…