Worshipper @ The Sinclair 1.17.2015

And then there was Worshipper. There are stories from the time before they awoke. Hollow stories. Tales of emptiness and woe. No more! For having witnessed this glorious beast displaying its fiery plumage on stage at The Sinclair, I am here to tell you that the darkness comes. It wields a mighty riff and rides a thunderous groove. Prepare yourselves. It is wonderful.

Mellow Bravo @ The Middle East Downstairs 1.31.2014

As I was editing these photos I got word that Mellow Bravo guitarist Jeffery Fultz is moving to Boise, Idaho. We wish him the best, but this is a huge bummer for ‘Bravo fans. Sad face. The band will soldier on, of course, but we’ll miss Jeffrey’s riffs and showmanship. At least we’ve got some great memories of his time with the band, like Mellow Bravo’s set closing out last month’s big Indie Rock Ranger show at The Middle East Downstairs…

Watts @ The Middle East Downstairs 1.31.2014

Watts are a really good band. You know that, right? The big guitars are just the right size, drawing from Nielsen, Petty and The Brothers Young. The songs are equally at home over the radio or PA. Oh, and these guys know how to put on a show. It had been far too long since I had last seen Watts. Thankfully, Richard Bouchard came through with a stellar bill. Watts kicked off the night at The Middle East Downstairs.