Airport @ Lizard Lounge 11.22.2014

Dear Airport,

Please release your new EP soon. I’ve had “Doot-Doo-Doo”* in my head since Saturday and would very much like a recorded version I could listen to. Thanks for your consideration.

-Daykamp Music

*I’m not even going to pretend that I got the name of that song right.

Airport @ The Sinclair 2.23.2014

Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative has been designing some amazing posters for Rock-n-Romp Boston since the event’s re-launch back in October. When she was tapped to curate the February edition of this family friendly rock show, it was no surprise that she called upon a band that gets a lot of play in the Daykamp Empire offices. Airport opened the show with their perfect mix of pop, rock, twang and ’70s AM radio nostalgia.