Big Head Big Ears @ The Middle East Downstairs 9.8.2012

I’m just a cat!
I’m just a cat!
I’m just a cat and I like it like that!

Remember those lyrics. The crowd at The Middle East Downstairs for the 2012 edition of One Night Band certainly will. Big Head Big Ears* (Aaron Silverstein, Candace Clement, Nicholas Ward, Peter Moore and Rice Edmonston) put together a mini rock opera with an unexpected twist that made for one of my favorite moments of the night.

* Like SNUGGLZ, Big Head Big Ears named themselves after the kitty pic they used to find their band mates earlier in the day.

Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s One Night Band!

One Night Band 4 is tonight! That means we’ve got 8 brand new bands scattered around the city writing songs and learning covers for the big show. Once again I was lucky enough to get to shoot the official photos for a few of the acts.* This year we got some classic brick wall action going. Here’s a sneak peek at some of what you’ll see tonight at the Middle East Downstairs!

Big Head Big Ears
Candace Clement, Rice Edmonston, Nicholas Ward, Peter Moore, Aaron Silverstein

Grandfather Time Bomb
Walter Sickert, Jared Egan, Caroline Toth, Evelyn Pope, Annie Hoffman

Lesbian Frankenstein
Molly Zenobia, Steven Lord, Dave Stoops, Bryan Hinkley

* Mary Flatley took the rest. I’m sure they’ll pop up soon. Keep an eye out.