Bert And The Manual Transmissions @ The Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts 10.24.2015

If Wonder Woman and Captain America got married, you might imagine there’d be some pretty interesting guest at the reception. You’d be right. So when Bert from Sesame Street, Super Chicken, Barry Gibb, Vincent Vega, Buddy the elf, the milkman, a flapper, Mr. Moxie, Matthew Crawley, The Penguin and Brendan Haley J Mascis a wizard guy get up and play some Stones, Cheap Trick, Tom Petty and ‘Mats covers you shouldn’t be surprised. No, instead you should be thankful you have a pocket camera and snap a couple of pictures.

Oh, and you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Bert sing “Here Comes A Regular.”

AM Stereo @ Radio 10.5.2012

I love AM Stereo. How much do I love them? I just saw them twice in a week and if they played again tonight I’d be there. This set of disaster rock* was to celebrate the release of Nicole Tammaro’s new rock photography book. I’ll have pics from Bands For Babs coming up soon.

* Boston’s finest since 1998!

AM Stereo @ Great Scott 6.2.2012

AM Stereo brought their disaster rock to the Great Scott stage Friday night. They played a bunch of old favorites and some tunes off of their fantastic new record, When You Wish Upon A Bar.*

* When You Wish Upon A Bar features design by the lovely and talented Nicole Anguish at Daykamp Creative and photography by yours truly.

AM Stereo @ Radio 10.8.2011

*AM Stereo are criminally underrated. Their sound is cut from the same cloth as The Replacements, but ends up coming off more like Superdrag meets Superchunk. Superdrunk, if you will. Just listen to the songs. “Drink Club”, “Money Store”, “The Company Line”… damn, there are so many great ones. They’ve got meaning and still manage to knock you silly. I love these guys.

Oh, they also played their song “Southern Rock Radio”, making them the third act in Radio’s young history to play a song with the club’s name in the title. Remember this when we talk about Watts’ set from this night…

* Purveyors of Boston’s finest disaster rock since 1998.