Oh no, what have we done? Mellow Bravo are picking the Video of the Day all week on Daykamp Music TV!

File this one under things we’ll probably regret, but we’re letting Mellow Bravo pick the Video of the Day all week on Daykamp Music TV. Why? Because they’re awesome and maybe they scare us a little bit. Hey, sometimes being scared is a good thing. Especially when the band picked “More Than A Feeling” as today’s Video of the Day.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that there’s another reason for this video takeover. You see, Mellow Bravo is playing a gigantic Indie Rock Ranger Presents show at The Middle East Downstairs with Sidewalk Driver, Goddamn Draculas, The Silks and Watts on Friday night. That’s a great bill. You should go.

Crazy good Mellow Bravo show event page

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Would you let this band pick videos for a whole week? Try to say 'no'...
Would you let this band pick videos for a whole week? Try to say ‘no’…

Why not Boston?

Boston. I love the music scene we have here in our city. It brings me tremendous joy to be a part of it. We may not be perfect, but our hearts are in the right place. We celebrate our successes. We celebrate our not-quite-a-success-but-hey-it-was-worth-a-shots. We honor our traditions. We can get behind a worthy cause. We have a lot of fun. We take care of our friends. We remember those we’ve lost. We throw parties when things begin. We do the same when they end. When all is said and done, we get it right more often than we get it wrong. We always try to do better.

I know these traits are not exclusive to the Boston music scene. I’m sure there are runners, burlesque dancers, poets, sports fans and craft brewers all around the city that feel the same way about their interactions. People create special bonds around shared interests in every city in the world. So, what makes Boston so special? I don’t know. Maybe nothing. Does it matter? This is where I am. This is what I know. These are the people I’m lucky enough to spend time with. I want my kids to know this sense of community some day. Why not music? Why not Boston? I want them to be happy in whatever they do. I want them to be safe wherever they go. I want them to see the good in the world on the days when it seems hardest to find.

Then maybe I’ll feel a little better.