The Wrong Shapes – “A Thousand Foxes” (2012)

The Wrong Shapes
“A Thousand Foxes”

Listening to The Wrong Shapes’ “A Thousand Foxes” is like eavesdropping on a private conversation. Bo Barringer’s crooning is intimately intertwined with Rachel Arnold’s harmony vocals. They are in the moment. Do they even know we’re here? Do they know we’re listening? The drum pattern flutters like an anxious heartbeat. The chiming guitars and looping cello make the whole thing feel like a dream. The enchanting music is at odds with the conflicted lyrics. So it goes as we look on, hoping we’ve gone unnoticed as the song fades away.

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The Wrong Shapes – “Places I Used To Hunt” (2011)

The Wrong Shapes
“Places I Used to Hunt”

There’s something about The Wrong Shapes I find intriguing. This group makes music that spins my head. The guitar and cello are intertwined in a double helix. This is musical DNA. I feel like Bo Barringer and Rachel Arnold are toying with me. The sounds are looped and processed until they become some kind of twisted, cryptic puzzle. The vocals only give me clues, never the whole meaning. I’ve heard Bo and Rachel perform “Places I Used To Hunt” as a duo. The recorded version is augmented by Reuben Bettsak’s intricate drum patterns. Another twist in the plot.

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The Wrong Shapes @ Radio 11.3.2011

When I first saw Bo & Rachel they hadn’t yet decided on what to call their musical partnership. They’ve now decided to go with The Wrong Shapes. Their name may have changed, but the music is still mesmerizing.  The guitar and cello interplay is hypnotic. I find the whole thing rather fascinating.

Bo & Rachel @ P.A.’s Lounge 8.31.3011

Bo Barringer and Rachel Arnold are mesmerizing together. Their set at P.A.’s was dark and beautifully textured.

MEandJOANCOLLINS @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 6.3.2011

MEandJOANCOLLINS brought their moody and combustible brand of indie rock to the TT’s stage to help give Ad Frank And The Fast Easy Women a proper send off.