Petty Morals @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 4.25.2014

Classy, fun and packing a punch, Petty Morals kicked the Rumble Finals party into high gear. Their songs are infectious. They worked in a shout out to Amy Douglas of Feints* that morphed into “Rainbow In The Dark.”** They made sure the TT’s crowd was having a good time. Petty Morals made a lot of new friends and fans at this year’s Rumble.

2014 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble Finals
Await Rescue
Petty Morals
Goddamn Draculas (2014 Rumble Champs)
The Information (Non-Competing Guest Band)

* They did a partial cover of “Make Love To Me” by Amy’s other project, SPF 5000.

** Which in turn morphed into Petty Morals’ staple Rumble cover, “Neutron Dance.”