Bang Camaro @ Brighton Music Hall 5.18.2012

Riffs! Solos! Choruses! Dudes! Sweat! Bang Camaro!

Bang Camaro brought their army to Allston. These were their people. This was their crowd. This was their music. They love it loud. Nobody’s going to change them, ’cause that’s who they are.

What a crazy, crazy night…

Township @ Brighton Music Hall 10.1.2011

The CD release party for Township’s latest effort, One More Summer, was a nonstop barrage of bitchin’ riffs and man hair.

I’m glad there are bands like Township in 2011. Bands that pay tribute at the altar of Thin Lizzy. Bands that embrace guitarmony. Bands that know some records sound best blasting from a car stereo with the windows down. More power to ’em.