The Lights Out as Queen @ Church 10.27.2012

Well, this was certainly one of the most ambitious sets I’ve seen all year. For their annual Halloween* bash at Church, The Lights Out decided to tackle the Queen catalog. Yes, they did “Bohemian Rhapsody.” All of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Very impressive, gentlemen.

* Dubbed Hallo’Queen for this year’s event.

Parlour Bells – “Airwaves” (2012)

Parlour Bells

There’s a big show at The Paradise on Saturday night. Some former WFNX DJs are putting together an event to celebrate the WFNX that was.* Parlour Bells are on the bill for good reason. They are a band that has always championed radio as being essential to the local music scene, even in a time of readily available digital downloads and internet streaming. They are tireless supporters of Boston Emissions, Boston Accents and any other radio program devoting time to playing Boston artists. They even performed on the resurrected WBCN rock bus. I believe Glenn DiBenedetto when he sings “now my radio dial is missing two front teeth.” He means it.

“Airwaves” is a sentimental reflection on the state of Boston radio in June of 2012. It strikes a chord by revealing the emotion of a specific time and place. “Airwaves” is a song about how fans of Boston radio feel right now. It’s immediate. You can’t listen to Nate Leavitt’s delay drenched guitars and not be reminded of the countless U2 radio anthems broadcast by both of our recently departed rock radio stations. It’s a consoling echo. I’d be lying if I said the song wasn’t playing in my head last night as I lay in bed. The sound of the Metropolitan Chorale** was ringing in my ears as prepared for a new day.

Where to get it:

You can also watch a mini-documentary on the making of “Airwaves” right here.

* See what I did with the link there? Garvy J And The Secret Pockets Of Hope And Resistance are part of the show, too.

** Kerri-Ann Richard, Richard Bouchard, Anngelle Wood, Michael Marotta, Chris Mulvey, Lisa Libera, Leesa Coyne, Adam Ritchie, Rishava Green, Matt King, Michael J. Epstein, Sophia Cacciola, Jessica Sun Lee, Adam Anderson, Michael Gonzales, Ken Marcou, Tom Roppelt, Joel Edinberg, Rachel Blumenthal, Sarah Rabdau, Peter Moore and Dan Nicklin all lend their voices to the song.

The Lights Out @ Radio 11.12.2011

The Lights Out have honed their craft. They take the Radio stage knowing exactly what is going to happen.

Then it happens.