Ad Frank And The Fast Easy Women @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 7.22.2015

While I would see one more band before this beloved institution turned the lights out for the final time, Ad Frank And The Fast Easy Women would be my true goodbye to T.T. The Bear’s Place. I will forever link Ad Frank and TT’s in my mind. The first photo I ever had published was of Ad Frank on that stage. The Fast Easy Women’s farewell show was one of my all time favorite musical experiences. He was there when I first started started seeing bands play in front of that mural. He’s was there at the end. Goodnight, TT’s.

Sarah Rabdau & Self Employed Assassins @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 11.15.2013

The more I listen to Sarah Rabdau & Self Employed Assassins, the more I hear the pop undercurrent that flows beneath their adventurous arrangements. There’s a lot that goes into their sound—so much to take in. Couple this sense of layered artistry with an engaging live performance and you have a show to remember. Like this past Friday when Sarah Rabdau & Self Employed Assassins released Free as Thieves at TT’s…

Permafrost @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 9.8.2013

This. This right here. This is why I go to shows. Sometimes I fall in love with a band. Inevitably, that band will break up. I’ll be sad. I hope things end amicably, because then there’s a chance. A chance. There’s a chance that this band who made the music that helped me get through the day will play another show and I’ll be lucky enough to be there. Maybe for the 40th anniversary of the club they cut their teeth in. Maybe the set will be cut short, but I’ll be happy. I got to hear Permafrost play “We Are Not Friends Anymore” for the first time in ages, after all. I go to shows to make memories. Sometimes I even get to relive them.

Oh, and there’s this…