It’s Monday. Watch a video or 522.

It’s Monday. You’re dragging from the weekend. You need to kill some time before time kills you. Have no fear. Daykamp Music TV has you covered. Why not watch a video or 522? That’s right, we’ve now got 522 videos in our video player. Five hundred and twenty-two. You can watch today’s Video of the Day. It’s the new one from Aloud, who have their record release at The Middle East Upstairs on Friday night. Or check out this very important video from The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library. Or the fun new one from Fat Creeps. Or an oldie from O Positive or Orangutang. It’s all in there. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

aloud its got to be now tv

Oh no, what have we done? Mellow Bravo are picking the Video of the Day all week on Daykamp Music TV!

File this one under things we’ll probably regret, but we’re letting Mellow Bravo pick the Video of the Day all week on Daykamp Music TV. Why? Because they’re awesome and maybe they scare us a little bit. Hey, sometimes being scared is a good thing. Especially when the band picked “More Than A Feeling” as today’s Video of the Day.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that there’s another reason for this video takeover. You see, Mellow Bravo is playing a gigantic Indie Rock Ranger Presents show at The Middle East Downstairs with Sidewalk Driver, Goddamn Draculas, The Silks and Watts on Friday night. That’s a great bill. You should go.

Crazy good Mellow Bravo show event page

Watch Daykamp Music TV

Would you let this band pick videos for a whole week? Try to say 'no'...
Would you let this band pick videos for a whole week? Try to say ‘no’…

400? 200? Whatever’s cool with me.

Guess what. Daykamp Music TV is now playing more than 400 videos from 200 artists. Pretty cool, right?

Maybe you want to see some of the Boston Music Awards nominees for Video of the Year? They’re in there. Check out the work of Kingsley Flood, Mean Creek and Parlour Bells. You won’t regret it.

What else? We’ve got the new ones from Parks, Walter Sickert & The Army Of Broken Toys and Coke Weed. We’ve got old vids from Juliana Hatfield and Cold Water Flat. We’ve even got new and old videos from today’s Video of the Day artist, Dinosaur Jr. Whatever’s cool with me.

daykamp music tv dinosaur jr

Apparently September 3rd Was “Release Your New Video Day” In Boston

Well, look at that. Yesterday saw the release of some brand spankin’ new videos from three bands playing around town. Who knew that the Tuesday after Labor Day was the official “Release You New Video Day” in Boston? Er.. Bearstronaut, The Susan Constant and Endation, I suppose. In honor of these 3 new clips released on September 3rd, I’ve decided to sum up each video in 3 words. See what I did there?

bearstronaut dieBearstronaut – “Where I’ll Die”
Art gone bad.

susan constant midwesternThe Susan Constant – “Midwestern You”
Paul’s rough walk.

endation staabEndation – “Staab”
All fall down.

There you have it. Three more bands providing evidence for Michael Marotta’s theory that “we’re living in the post-MTV Golden Age of music videos.”

Bonus time: Pixies released their video for “Indie Cindy” yesterday, too!

It’s Friday. We’ve got videos.

Hi. Daykamp Music TV, here. Just checking in to let you know about all the cool new videos we’ve got on our not-actually-a-television-station music television station. It’s Friday. I’m not saying you don’t actually want to get any work done, but if you were looking to kill some time you could do worse than checking out some of these videos.

First off, there are a bunch of recently released videos we’ve added. Check out the latest from bands like These Wild Plains, Revocation, Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One and Soccer Mom.

We’ve got some new classic videos in there, too. Feeling nostalgic for Ball And Pivot or Cliffs Of Dooneen? We’ve got ’em.

Keep watching and you may also see recently added vids from J-Po, Sarah Borges And The Broken Singles and this great two-fer from Triple Thick.

Oh, and I just added all of The Cars videos, because they’re awesome…

daykamp music tv cars

More bands. More videos. It’s summertime on Daykamp Music TV.

For anyone keeping track at home, Daykamp Music TV now features more than 300 videos from over 150 bands. Videos like the new trippy beach clip from Art Decade and this summertime feel-gooder from Fat Creeps. Speaking of summer, we’ve got “Summer” by Buffalo Tom in there, too! Maybe surfing is your thing. Or ridin’ your bike. Or skateboarding. Whether you’re into bikinis or gorilla suits, there’s a video for everyone on Daykamp Music TV. So, find a nice air conditioned place to chill and check out some music.


Cult 45 – “Dead End Kid” Video Premiere on Daykamp Music TV!

Yes! We’ve teamed up with heavyboogiemongers Cult 45 to bring you our first video premiere on Daykamp Music TV! “Dead End Kid” is from On High, which the band released back in January. It puts a clever spin on the ol’ video-inside-a-video trick and tosses in a couple of great cameos. Heck, the beard-no-beard countdown at the beginning is reason enough to click the play button.

The video was done by Mike Gill over at CircumVision, who is also putting together the what-looks-to-be-amazing Billy Ruane documentary.

Enough jabberin’, go watch this thing already! You may even pick up an idea or two for your next video…

Cult 45 - "Dead End Kid" on Daykamp Music TV
Cult 45 – “Dead End Kid” on Daykamp Music TV

Cult 45 is on Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp. Show ’em some love.

Bonus Time! Here’s the full cover band video (awesome) and one of the Cult 45 performance (cool).

Richard Bouchard is picking the Video of the Day all week on Daykamp Music TV!

In an effort to make Daykamp Music TV as inclusive as possible, we had the idea to occasionally let other people pick the Video of the Day. This starts right now! To kick things off we turn the reigns over to Richard Bouchard for the entire week. That’s right! The Indie Rock Ranger himself will be choosing the Video of the Day through Friday. Have we made a huge mistake? Possibly. His first pick is “The Land Of Hopes & Dreams” by Mean Creek, though. Maybe this will work out after all.

Watch Daykamp Music TV

Would you let this man pick the Video of the Day? Wait. Don't answer that. iPhone pic by Nicole Anguish.
Would you let this man pick the Video of the Day? Wait. Don’t answer that. iPhone pic by Nicole Anguish.

Daykamp Music TV now has over 200 videos. We hope you’ve cleared your afternoon.

Oh, hey! I didn’t see you there. Thanks for stopping by.

Have you checked out Daykamp Music TV lately? It’s rolling along quite nicely. We’ve got over 200 videos by more than 100 different Boston/New England acts in there right now. It’s growing every day. We’ve added 69 73 videos in the last 10 days alone! Videos like the new ones from John Powhida International Airport and Gentlemen Hall. Or today’s Video of the Day from Whitcomb. How about classics from bands like Belly and this year’s Rumble special guest band The Dogmatics? Oh, and have you seen this trippy MMOSS video? So cool.

We hope you’re digging what we’re doing. Feel free to hit us up with ideas and feedback. We’re just getting started. This is fun.

Have you checked out Daykamp Music TV lately?
Have you checked out Daykamp Music TV lately?

Introducing Daykamp Music TV

Hi. We love the Boston music scene here at Daykamp Music. We love it so much we made it a present. It’s called Daykamp Music TV.

This is what Daykamp Music TV looks like. Click it. It's fun!
This is what Daykamp Music TV looks like. Click it. It’s fun!

OK, it’s not really TV. You’d probably figure that out on your own. We just saw all of these really cool music videos being made and we wanted some way to watch them one right after the other. You know, like the good ol’ days of music television. Is that so wrong? So we built this. Then we found that we kept watching it, like, all the time. So we figured maybe someone else would want to watch videos this way, too.

There’s not a whole lot to it. Go ahead, click the play button. Watch some videos. Like a video? Give it a thumbs up. Better yet, share it with your friends. Not digging a song? Skip it. Dont worry, there’s no penalty for skipping a song. Keep an open mind, though. Maybe we’ll help you find your new favorite band.

We hope to make Daykamp Music TV something you will love. We’re still in beta, so you may find a feature here or there that doesn’t work quite right. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any issues. Or maybe there’s a video you think we should know about. We’d love to hear about that, too.

Boston bands inspired this. We built it. Daykamp Creative made it look good. It was a team effort.