About Daykamp Music

Daykamp Music is a bloggy website thing about the Boston music scene. For now it’s going to be mostly pictures. If there are words they are likely to be complimentary. Life is short. Daykamp Music reserves the right to do whatever it damn well pleases as it grows up. Don’t crimp its style.

Daykamp Music is primarily the work of Johnny Anguish. By primarily, we (er… I) mean entirely. By entirely we/I mean Johnny did everything except the cool design bits, which were done by Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative fame. So, not entirely, I guess. Let’s stick with primarily.

Johnny is not a professional writer, photographer, videographer or cartographer. Explore this sight at your own risk. Johnny likes music. Johnny likes to go to shows. Johnny likes to take pictures. Johnny finally got off his ass and built a website.

Johnny Anguish is nominated for “Best Live Music Photographer” in the 2016 Boston Music Awards. You can vote here, unless you have something more important to do.

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