We are proud to premiere Eric Salt & The Electric City’s excellent “Excellent” video!

We here at Daykamp Headquarters are super excited to share the new video from musical chameleons Eric Salt & The Electric City with you. It’s called “Excellent” and it is excellent. Of course, we expected nothing less from some of our favorite folks in town. The song finds Eric and the gang shifting musical gears at the drop of a dime. The colorful video directed by Daniel Jacobs is a visual love letter to all things Boston music. Watch for shoutouts to Q Division, John Powhida, Will Dailey, Hot Stove Cool Music, Tim Gearan, Daykamp Creative and a whole bunch of other people and events that make this town special. And hot air balloons. Lots of pretty hot air balloons. It’s impossible not to be happy when you are watching hot air balloons and listening to Eric Salt & The Electric City.