Goddamn Draculas – The Drax (2015)

goddamn draculas
Goddamn Draculas
The Drax

Now that we’ve got all of our pics posted from the Goddamn Draculas release show, we thought it’d be fitting to say a few words about this frighteningly good album. The Drax is one bloody anthem after another. Honestly, “Say Goodbye” is one of the biggest album-closer-worthy tracks to come out of Boston in recent years. It’s the second song on the record. They hook you early and don’t let go. Killer harmonies drive a stake through the dense riffs, delivering witty and honest lyrical nuggets that deliver hard truths with tongues firmly planted in cheeks. The Drax cut their hubris with humor, creating a band persona that is as endearing as it is egotistical. They’re monsters of rock. They’re Goddamn Draculas. Raise your fist and smile.

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