246 Photos From 2014

When I was younger, I once tried making a “Greatest Albums Of All Time” list. After Appetite For Destruction and Purple Rain, I had a really hard time making sense of things. Is Shout At The Devil ahead of Master Of Puppets? Where does Love/Hate’s Blackout In The Red Room fit in? What about Poison’s debut or Nelson’s After The Rain? The Disorderlies soundtrack has Bon Jovi’s “Edge Of A Broken Heart” on it. Is that enough to make the list? It was too much pressure.

Nowadays, I try to keep things simple. 2014 is behind us. I’ve finally finished going through my photos. Rather than picking out my favorites, I’ll do what I’ve done the past couple of years. Here’s one photo from each of the 246 sets I caught from bands playing around town this year. In order. No favorites. No rankings. No tough decisions.

So, see ya later 2014. I enjoyed seeing your shows. I’ve got these photos to remember you by.