277 Photos From 2013

Well, here we are again. I’ve finally gotten through all of my photos from 2013. Time for another list-free, favorite-free, best-of-free recap. Just one photo from each of the 277 sets I caught during the year. In order.

So, how was the year that was? Pretty great. I saw a bunch of amazing shows. I probably missed even more. I had a lot of fun. Thanks for that. It’s impossible to put into words how vast and wonderful our music scene is here in Boston. That’s why I bring my camera with me. I hope you like the pictures.

The Field Effect @ The Sinclair 12.21.2013

These are photos I took of The Field Effect at The Sinclair. The show was right before Christmas, so they played their cover of “Blue Christmas.” They were attired in some quickly discarded festive garb. Hmmm, what else. Oh, it was a Field Effect show, so there were a bunch of catchy tunes played with precision and exuberance. Doug did not fall down. He did jump. Adam pretty much destroyed the drum hardware. Nick successfully churned out guitar lines while avoiding whiplash and Annie actually managed to stay still for .001% of the time.* All in a night’s work for The Field Effect.

* This is a scientific calculation. Wait, no it isn’t.