Ryan Schmidt – “Another Friend” (2013)

ryan schmidt another friend
Ryan Schmidt
“Another Friend”

I first became aware of Ryan Schmidt through one of my all time favorite One Night Bands, Golden Owl.* Then I got turned onto his White Horse EP, with a title track whose presence cannot be denied. Ryan just released a new single, trading in lush string arrangements for synthesizers and a modern R&B groove. “Another Friend” is a big departure for the ambitious musician, showing a breadth of ability the defies the overused-and-now-nearly-meaningless singer-songwriter label that has been hung on him in the past. Ryan’s working it on this one. His vocal delivery is outstanding. The melody deftly bobs and weaves its way between the beats. Ryan has a passion for this. The song has a hook. The production is outstanding. Impressive.

Where to get it:

* I even got to shoot their promo pic!