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Reverse – The Jersey Switch (2002)

The Jersey Switch

Reverse are a force of nature that appreciates both the calm and the storm on The Jersey Switch. While other bands may let their fury go unchecked, Reverse unleash a controlled maelstrom that draws the listener in. Just check out “Permission”; plodding verses lead to a chorus of guitars that explode and drums that pound you into submission. Or witness the loud/quiet/loud of “Ugliest”. Or “Bright” and “Ridiculous,” with guitars that buzz and sing in supersaturated glory. Feedback and noise abound but never threaten to take over the songs. Ian Kennedy’s vocals are often soaring and distorted. Mike Piehl relentlessly smashes away behind the drum kit. The man has power and groove. There is no escape. Reverse owns you now.

Reverse proved they are one of the best bands around with The Jersey Switch. They proved it again (and topped themselves) on 2009’s Monkey Mind. And we haven’t even talked about what a monster live band they are…

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