Petty Morals – The Cotton Candy Demo (2013)

Petty Morals - Cotton Candy Demo

Petty Morals
The Cotton Candy Demo

Petty Morals is what happens when members of Tijuana Sweetheart, Cult 45, The Grinds, The Spoilers, Killer Abs and Ghost Box Orchestra get together to play some synthed-up punkish tunes. I’ll give that slightly mind-blowing idea a second to sink in, but then we really need to move along because I’ve got something really important to tell you. Ready? Good. So, the first two songs on this demo, “You Get Me Loose” and “Girl Gotta Do,” have the bite and snarl you’d expect from this crowd. OK. You still with me? Here’s the really important thing I needed to tell you: You need to hear “Radio Action” right now! It’s new wave dynamite! Go, go, go!

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