One Night Band 4: A New Hope

Tomorrow night is One Night Band 4 at the Middle East Downstairs. You should go. Why? Because it’s going to be one of the most fun shows of the year!* In the morning, 40 musicians from bands around town will be thrown into the Cuisinart of Rock.** In the evening, they’ll come come out puréed and garnished with 3 original tunes and a cover for your listening enjoyment. Sometimes it’s amazing. Sometimes it’s a disaster. Sometimes it starts off amazing and ends with a disaster. Any way these fresh baked bands serve it up, it’s always entertaining.

Need some more incentive? Like past years, the money raised from this event goes to some great causes. This year it’s Zumix and Girls Rock Campaign Boston on the receiving end, helping to prepare the next generation of One Night Band participants.

I’ll leave you with a few shots from last year’s event. Try to make it down. It’s a good time.

* OK, there’s no way I can know this for sure. Based on past years, I believe this statement to be true. I regretfully missed the inaugural event, but One Night Band 2 and One Night Band 3 were a blast.

** Patent Pending

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