Muy Cansado – “Not For Nothing” (2012)

Muy Cansado
“Not For Nothing”

When I caught Muy Cansado at The Rosebud, I commented that their sound had “echoes of Boston bands gone by.” I stick by that assessment with their latest single,* “Not For Nothing”. Muy Cansado manages to evoke thoughts of The Pixies, Permafrost and Trona without ever sounding like any of those bands. The song’s signature is a danceable groove offsetting a cool, reverb-drenched guitar riff. Throw in some boy/girl harmonies and you’ve got the makings of a pretty great indie rock tune. If only it had a fantastic breakdown in the middle with cool backwards-masked sounds to put it over the top. Oh wait, it does…

Where to get it:

* They’ve got a video, too!