J-Krafty – “Bigfoot Likes The Ladies” (2011)

“Bigfoot Likes the Ladies”

I’m not gonna lie. J-Krafty’s new single, “Bigfoot Likes The Ladies”, is a novelty song. It’s an awesome novelty song. J-Krafty casts Bigfoot as a hairy gangsta and a ladies man*. Seems totally reasonable to me.

First time he sees you he’ll try and get your digits
then he’ll be textin’ you like every 15 minutes
and he’ll be brushin’ on his teeth and using mouthwash
bigfoot on the prowl for a fine lady sasquatch

Also worth noting is that Bigfoot carries a gun but is more likely to hug you than shoot you (either one could be dangerous). Also also worth noting is the use of the term “cryptozoologists”.

Joe Krafty is also “Navigator Joe” in Space Balloons, who performed a version of “Bigfoot Likes The Ladies” at their recent Rosebud show. This production is a far cry from the acoustic guitar and ukelele version on display that night. This thing sounds huge.

Where to get it:

* OK, I’m clearly out of my element here. I can’t believe I typed out the word “gangsta”. Clearly I should have used “playa” there as well. I just couldn’t do it. I feel embarrassed even thinking about it.