Michael J. Epstein – “July 4, 1976 (Disco Independence)” (2011)

Michael J. Epstein
“July 4, 1976 (Disco Independence)”

Do you like historically inaccurate songs about Independence Day, the Founding Fathers, disco music, life, liberty and the pursuit of facial hair? Maybe?

Michael J. Epstein is hoping you do.* He’s written “July 4, 1976 (Disco Independence)” for people just like you! You need not like actual disco music, just songs about disco music, as the song is not in the disco style. It’s a little indie rock ditty that rewrites history to explain why we have fireworks and barbecues this time each year. It’s a free download. As an added bonus, Mr. Epstein is throwing in a version of “The Stars And Stripes Forever (Moustache Mix)” that sounds like…

I’ve spent enough time on this.

Where to get it:

* Actually, he probably doesn’t even care. He seems like a well enough adjusted individual to not worry about this sort of thing. It’s all good.