Mellow Bravo – Strut (2010)

Mellow Bravo

Do you like your ’70s inspired hard rock with a healthy dose of bombast? I thought so.

Mellow Bravo deliver the goods on Strut. They hook you out of the gate with the heavy groove of “Highs And Lows” and the blistering “I Get Off”. Mellow Bravo makes you feel good. Just try to not sing along to the “ooo ooo” parts in “Must Be My Woman” or “I Wanted A Girl”. You can’t help yourself. “Freshman Prom Queen” is wildly inappropriate and unbelievably awesome. “Hard Timin'” has a swinging guitar riff that sounds too good not to have been played before.

Just when you think you’ve got Mellow Bravo pegged as the ultimate party band, they hit you up with “Just Like Water Would” and “My Head And Heart”. Keith Pierce and Jess Collins carry these songs with their well paired vocals. Oh wait, did I just imply that Mellow Bravo aren’t the ultimate party band? No, no, no. They are the ultimate party band. They just happen to be able to go a little deeper as well.

It would be impossible to capture all of Mellow Bravo’s live energy in a studio setting, but Strut comes about as close as you could hope for. For one last hurrah, they close out the record with a live version of “Light Up My Little Love”. Mellow Bravo rules.

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