Sidewalk Driver @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 4.14.2011

The morning after Semi-Final Night #1 of the 2011 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble I found myself in my kitchen trying to describe the night to my son. He’s 4 years old. For several minutes I told him about platform boots, confetti cannons, playing guitar behind your head, layers of outrageous costumes, facial adornments, winged shirts and glitter. I told my wife about the witty and outrageously infectious songs.

“The singer, Tad, wore a little hat… and he shot confetti out of the hat!” I explained excitedly.

There was a brief pause while my son took it all in.

“Tell me again.” he implored.

“About the hat? Sure, he had this little hat…”

“No.” He took a break from eating his waffle to clarify. “The whole thing. The part about the shoes and the shirt. Tell me the whole thing again.”

I patiently described everything I had witnessed the night before for a second time.

I waited for some kind of reaction. His nearly five year old brain was working hard, trying to formulate some kind of response. Finally it came.

“Is this real?”

Yup. It’s real. It’s called Sidewalk Driver.